Conference Venue

Victor Menezes Convention Centre, IIT Bombay

The venue for the in-person event of ITW 2022 will be the Victor Menezes Convention Centre, IIT Bombay

Getting to IIT Bombay: 

Flights: International flights land at Terminal 2, Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport (Sahar Airport), which is about 10 kms from IIT Bombay. The Domestic Airport is at Terminal 1A and Terminal 1B (Santa Cruz), which is about 15 kms. Call taxis, pre-paid taxis and autorickshaws are available at the airports. 

Trains: There is a terminus at Kurla where some Central as well as Western Railway Trains terminate. There is no convenient bus route from Kurla terminus to IITB. An autorickshaw is the best option. However it would be more economical to take a suburban train from Kurla to Kanjur Marg and then take an auto from Kanjur Marg to IITB Campus.

Campus Map: A map of the IIT Bombay campus is available here. (The venue is VMCC, located in Sector B4 of this map, with code number 85).