Call for Themed Sessions

The 2022 Information Theory Workshop seeks proposals for 90-minute themed sessions. The organizer(s) will be expected to decide on a new/emerging theme of interest within the scope of the workshop, and invite 3-5 researchers actively investigating the theme. (Note that at a later date there will be a separate call for tutorials for ITW2022, where we will be inviting proposals for themes with a more mature and extensive presence in the published literature. This current proposal is intended to be an opportunity for more early-stage research to be showcased by researchers active in the field.)

In light of the fact that ITW 2022 will have a significant virtual component, organizers are encouraged to also plan activities to engage both speakers and audience members in virtual settings; such activities could include, for instance, synchronous or asynchronous instantiations of a discussion forum, an open problem session, or a panel discussion. At the discretion of the session organizers, invited talks may be accompanied by papers which will be included in the proceedings; the manuscripts will be due in late April and will be reviewed as usual. (Up to five sessions will be chosen via this open call, and there may be additional invited sessions solicited by the TPC chairs.)

The organizer(s) should submit a short (1-2 page) rationale with the title of the theme, an abstract outlining the importance and timelines for the theme chosen, and a plan of activities intended to encourage active participation in the session in a hybrid and/or fully virtual setting (including a breakdown of how the 90 minutes of synchronous time allocated for the theme will be utilized — how long for talks by invited speakers, and how long for other activities). Additionally, while this is optional at the time of the submission of the proposal, if the organizers already have interest from potential speakers for the session, they are strongly encouraged to provide the list of such speakers in their submitted proposal. Otherwise, they may include a list of possible speakers they plan to approach if the proposal is accepted.

Proposal submission: Please send your proposals by e-mail to the TPC co-chairs at as a single pdf.

Deadline for proposal submission: December 15, 2021